Right about now you may be thinking WHAT?  Lauri’s getting a little racy in her baby-1262865_1920posts lately.  Well … Yes.  That’s one way of getting naked.

As an actor, I got naked multiple times.  As a grad student in theatre, my thesis project involved a battle with an over-sized scale, during which I removed all of my clothing.  I became known for my nakedness.  At the same time, I was known for authenticity….

Let me dispel a common cultural myth for you.  Many people think that “actors are liars” and that they’re pretending.

Well, part of that is true.  Great actors are pretending … they’re playing make-believe.  However, they are not lying.  Great actors are actually capable of expressing deeply vulnerable and authentic human truths.  So, how do they do it?  They get as vulnerable as they can, releasing every defense mechanism and protective response they’ve learned from the “regular world.”  They get Naked. THEN, and only then, they layer the character’s mannerisms and traits on top of that nakedness.

If you are a Leader on the rise who needs to stand in your power and speak your truth – to build your business, to do your part to change the world – getting naked will help you too. (Don’t worry, I mean metaphorically, I’m not asking you to give your TED Talk in the buff … ) Since you don’t need to layer a character on top of your nakedness, it’s even simpler for you than it is for an actor. … All you need to do is to show up as YOU.

We’re taught that we need to conform, showing the world the mask that we think they want to see, in order to fit in. In reality, we already belong. And we can have more of an impact as leaders by getting naked and sharing what’s underneath all of our masks with the world.

Next time you speak during a moment that matters to you, GET NAKED. Whether it’s building your business at a networking event or giving a TED talk … Dare to remove the mask of what you *think* they want to see from you.

Instead, share your FULL range of expression with them.

Believe me … allowing them to see ALL of you – that is when your listeners will really connect with you and your message. 🙂

With passion & love,
Lauri Smith
Voice Matters

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