Walk The Vocal Presence


with Lauri Smith

The 21-Day Audio Challenge

In this Voice Matters audio series, we’ll create the space for our souls to speak both to us from within and through us to the world.

We’ll consciously walk The Vocal Presence Path once a day for 21 days. Each day’s recording is about 8 minutes long. We’ll warm up for our days by connecting to our authentic selves, our inner wisdom and the voice of our Souls – paving the way for us to then connect with the world openly from that grounded place. 

Lauri attacks the skill of speaking from a unique perspective – the voice as an instrument of connection.

Claudette Good-O’Neill

CC and CL 2014 Semi-finalist in Toastmaster’s International Speaking Contest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m on a mission …

… to help change-makers, visionaries and leaders do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity & courage.

I envision a world where everyone shares the vibration of their Soul’s Purpose on their voice, and together we reach Global Harmony.

To get there, we need EVERY voice in the conversation, some we have not heard before.

We need every person choosing the FULL, REVERBERATING DRUM over the toy-drum version of themselves!

You are a unique and beautiful soul.

Your voice is needed in the world.