How I got 5 soulmate clients in 3 minutes

by Lauri

It was early 2021. Many of my pre-pandemic clients were wrapping up, and the money was running out. 

A friend invited me to an online retreat with a group of fellow sensitive visionaries. I signed up to bask in the glow of like-hearted souls.

Our host asked me if I’d do a 3-minute grounding exercise with the group before we all did our 60-second networking introductions. My reply?


Helping people get in the zone is one of my favorite things. You might say it’s one of my superpowers. ✨

As I stepped up to lead the grounding moment, the energy was insane. 

Our virtual room was bouncing with sensation, nerves, excitement – and that’s a whole lotta stuff!

Instead of letting “all that stuff” overtake me, I set the intention for the vibe I wanted to create in the room. 

As I stepped into my highest, most expressive self, I hugged the room with my energetic arms, holding space for those beautiful souls to join me in that vibe … 

When I finished that 3 minute warm up, the energy was transformed. Everyone was grounded, expansive, and embodying their one-of-a-kind radiance.

You know how Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel!”

It’s totally true … 

When I checked my inbox at the end of the virtual retreat, I found a flurry of new breakthrough session bookings.

And 5 of those became new soulmate clients – from just that 3 minutes!

Here’s the thing …

Our soul suckers trick us into thinking that we need to prove our worth. They make us expect the words to do all the work of human connection.

But when you know how to show up with intention, aligned with your most expressive self, and hug the space, you are magnetic. ✨✨✨

Your presence is worth a million words!

When you hold space for your audience in the way that only you can hold it, your ideal clients will be drawn to you because they will feel safe enough to transform. 

I’d love to hold space for you as you try this on for size. If you like the sound of that: 

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With passion & love, 


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