A home for sensitive visionaries & ambitious empaths

by Lauri

For YEARS my 1:1 clients and playshop participants asked me where they could go to practice speaking.

Back then I would respond with a long monologue sharing the pluses and minuses of all of the existing options for speaking training out there.

One day, a client with a perplexed look on her face asked me, “Why don’t you create your own?”

Boy, that was a nudge from the Universe.

Still, I resisted.

(Can you relate?)

I looked around the world for a sacred space where people gathered to practice speaking in the way I know in my Soul today’s change-makers need in order to fulfill their life purpose.

✨One that is truly nourishing and supportive.

✨One that includes deep work in an intimate setting.

✨One that includes both an approach that has worked for thousands of other sensitive souls and includes feedback that is tailored to you and only you.

Nothing like this existed.

So I created it.

The Speakers Studio is a sacred space, a home, for sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels who are feeling called to share their magic in a bigger way on the world stage.

Watch this video excerpt from our Welcome & Orientation session where I share more about how and why I’m creating this home for people like us.

If you like the sound of being seen and held alongside a curated group of like-hearted souls who are walking the same path, book your no strings attached Speakers Studio Breakthrough Interview now. Let’s see if we’re a match. ✨

Space is limited to keep the group size intimate. If this calls to your soul, commit to you by booking your session now. 🙂


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