Advanced Transformation

by Lauri

Are you a visionary soul on a mission?

Is the world stage calling you to share your message in a bigger way?

Do you want to awaken, energize and move people when you speak?

Watch this video (recorded live) to learn a few secrets to Advanced Transformation.

If this speaks to your soul, sign up for a breakthrough session. It would be my honor to serve you.


  1. Andrea Petrut

    “This is when speaking becomes leadership”

    After listening to different speakers in person and feeling in my body how they share their message I understand more of what you share here.

    Most of the speakers are in their minds.
    Some of them are in their hearts.
    Less of them are in their body.

    None of those I watched and listened really had the presence, energy and power to impact the way you support us and I know from experience it’s possible.

    Thank you for your continuous encouragement in leading with power, leading from the soul.

    • Lauri

      You’re welcome Andrea. I’m so glad this spoke to you! Thank you for sharing your Soul and your heart with the world!


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