Align your presence with Your magic

by Lauri

As the garage door opened, seven-year-old me found herself yanked back into the “real” world from her magical, make-believe world.

I was immersed in my dream story world with my hair pinned in curled pigtails like Cindy Brady.

When my mother found me, it was like a record screeching.

Sucked out of a magical world, I suddenly found myself back in our garage. Reeling. Being watched by my mom, a back-lit silhouette in the doorway.

Instead of being “caught” or hearing “How dare you? Stop doing that,” I got:

“Hmm, I’m gonna go find her an acting class.”

That little Lauri grew into a wiser, wild woman who sees sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels for who they really are – and loves to invite them out to play!

So, that thing that you do with abandon and passion, when you think no one is looking …

That true to yourself thing that you fear the world will look at and reject …

Let’s do more of that!

It’s the doorway to aligning your presence with your magic. ✨✨✨


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