An intuitive introvert, soul suckers, and toothpaste!

by Lauri

It was the spring of 2012. I was back in the round room with my Leadership tribe. Only this time, I wasn’t there as a participant. This time I was leading in the very same sacred, circular room I’d been a participant in with the same people so many times.

Kristen, a highly intuitive, sometimes quiet introvert, took the stage and spoke.

At first, her breath was shallow, her voice was quiet, and her impact was small.

Her words weren’t landing.

Once I got a sense of where she might be blocking her inner radiance from shining through, I worked with her to unleash her presence and her voice.

First, we shined a light on how her soul suckers (aka inner critics) were creating static in how she showed up.

They were lurking in the background, telling her that no one cared what she had to say.

All her life she’d heard messages like “Don’t be too big,” “Don’t be too much,” and “Don’t be too emotional.”

As the soul suckers began to let go of their stranglehold on her, it was time to set her voice free.

As we played, I asked her to imagine that her torso was like a tube of toothpaste. Instead of squeezing it from the neck up, (you know, that incredibly inefficient thing most of us do with actual toothpaste), I asked her to inhale air and then imagine squeezing the torso-toothpaste-tube from the bottom up.

Suddenly her voice effortlessly filled the room.

Here’s the key: She wasn’t yelling. The air carried her natural, authentic voice across the room.

She was herself … amplified.

It’s a bit like music; a violin amplified still sounds like a violin. It doesn’t suddenly sound like a huge drum kit.

It was like that with Kristen.

The other participants were in awe of the transformation.
They thought I’d performed a magic trick. ✨

“You just said ‘toothpaste’ and then all of a sudden it was like someone turned up the volume on HER VOICE.”

In Kristen’s own words …

“Lauri Smith is an engaging, dynamic leader and coach. I was a participant in Lauri’s workshop and I cannot express the impact with enough words. The benefits extend from my one-on-one conversations to larger group work too. She has a warm and creative way of training you to comfortably express your passion, purpose and message. The workshop is so much fun, that I didn’t even realize the ‘work’ I was doing until the end of the workshop and I stood in front of the group and impactfully spoke like time was standing still. Thank you Lauri!”

Kristen Bentley – CPCC, PCC
Owner & Founder of Whole-Life Leadership, Faculty with CTI – The Co-Active Training Institute

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