Authenticity alone won’t change the world

by Lauri

Authenticity is a doorway to soulful speaking. It’s not the end of the road. 

I love authenticity. It’s been a value of mine since I first learned what a value was.

When I look at all of the sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels out there trying to change the world, it’s clear that authenticity isn’t enough. 

There’s more.

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The difference between authentic speaking and soulful speaking lies in our instrument – body, breath, voice, energy – and the resonance that that instrument creates. 

Speaking and singing are really similar because the instrument that creates those two acts is the same. 

Take a moment and imagine Madonna singing one of her top songs from the 1980s. 

Imagine how you feel as you’re hearing it: 

Where does it hit you? How does it hit you? 

And now imagine Lady Gaga. 

That’s what I’m talking about: The hairs on the back of your neck aren’t standing up with Madonna the way they do when Lady Gaga sings. 

The same difference in vibration shows up when we speak. 

Authenticity is the doorway in, and then there’s a resonance and an expansion that happens with soulful speaking that makes people’s arm hairs and neck hairs stand up. 

You can’t get to soulful speaking without going through that doorway of authenticity. 

When speaking authentically, you might allow yourself to be seen. 

When speaking soulfully, you allow yourself to be seen, and heard, and felt.

The soulful speakers, the ones who can tap into that level of resonance and expansion, also have a very different impact on the crowd.  

Someone listening to a soulful speaker might get chills or a tingling sensation just like we do when we hear Lady Gaga sing. The audience can’t take their eyes off a soulful speaker. Instead of pointing to their heads and saying, “I hear you,” they point to their hearts and say, “I feel you.”

While both authentic speakers and soulful speakers connect to the crowd, soulful speakers also hold the space for the crowd to transform. 

So instead of 








✨take that transformation out into your life …

That soulful speaking ingredient is part of how we change the world … One. Room. At. A. Time.

With passion & love,


PS: If you want someone to hold loving space for you as you walk through that doorway of authenticity to the soulful speaking playground beyond, book a breakthrough session. 

It would be my honor to support you. 


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