Breath Transforms

by Lauri

Breath transforms.

Literally and figuratively.

Literally: We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Figuratively: We can inhale good vibes and release “bad” ones.

Earlier this week I caught myself breathing really short, panicked, staccato breaths.

At the time, I was thinking thoughts like “I’m behind” and “There’s not enough time.”
(I wasn’t even sure what there wasn’t enough time for by the way…)

Once I noticed, I gently slowed my breathing down.

After a few minutes of nourishing my body with breath, I felt present, vibrant, grounded, and creative.

Sometimes we need to use our voices to say “no” to some things to create more space in our schedules.

Other times what we really need is to CREATE more SPACE INSIDE ourselves with BREATH.

Transformation can begin the moment we pay attention to our breathing.

When we notice our breath, our mind calms down – often because we have something to focus on what’s in the PRESENT rather than some IMAGINED DISASTROUS FUTURE.

Take a moment and notice your breath right now.

Is the way you’re breathing supporting you?

If not, change it. Little by little, breath by breath.

Comment below and let me know how it goes …

With passion & love, 


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