Do You Hide Your Heart?

by Lauri

Over 15 years ago, there I was, auditioning for a role in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress at City Lights Theatre in San Jose. 
(5 Great Female Roles – 3 of which were within my age range!) 

I was auditioning my butt off – Reading one scene after another after another. I thought all that reading meant it was going great!

And then, the director (Lisa Mallette) asked to speak with me alone. I’ll never forget her words: 

“Lauri, intellectually you’re running circles around everyone here.”

“WooHoo” I thought. “Maybe she’s about to offer me a role right here on the spot.” 

And then she said, “But if I’m going to work with you, I need to see your heart.”

This wasn’t the first time someone had reflected this tendency back to me. 

✨My esteemed acting instructor, Richard Seyd, said “You lead with your intellect.”
✨My best-ever boss said “You keep your feelings close to the vest.” 
✨And one of my personal favorites: “You’re like an egg: A thin hard shell on the outside and complete mush underneath. If you tap it just right, the floodgates open and the mush comes spilling out.”

I’d spent my life feeling like I was SUPPOSED to keep things close to the vest. To HIDE my FEELINGS.

Letting people see my heart felt risky. Unstable. Perilous.

I wasn’t conscious of any limiting beliefs. I wasn’t conscious of any thoughts at all! It was visceral feeling of danger. A fear that I might explode. Or that I would blow other people to smithereens if I let my feelings flow!

Can you relate?

That day at City Lights, Lisa gave me a gift that continues to pay off to this day. She gave me the chance to lead with my heart instead of my mind. 

And I did. 

I let the fullness of my heart out to play. I let her SEE ME. And guess what? I didn’t explode. (And neither did anyone nearby.) In fact, it felt A-MAZ-ING. 

What does it take to move through that visceral feeling of danger? 

Well, courage helps. 😉

And, through years of working with clients, I’ve discovered that having a safe space to come out of our shells with a group of like-hearted people helps more. It’s vital. It is sacred. 

I’m on a mission to help visionary empaths stand in their power, speak their truth and lead so that, together, we can create transformational change in the world. 

I know that some of those visionary empaths are lurking in the shadows, desperately wanting to be seen, but not knowing how to move forward without imploding or exploding. 

If you’d like someone to hold space for you while you step out of the shadows, take your first step now and schedule a no strings attached breakthrough session with me now. It would be my honor to see you and to support you.✨🤓

With passion & love, 


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