Honor Your Way

by Lauri

At the beginning of my teaching career, I tried my best to do it like “them.” I copied my mentors. I mimicked my colleagues.

Meanwhile, my Soul whispered to me from inside: “Honor your way.”

Every once in a while, I listened, and my way felt soooo good.

Like a secret rule-breaker, I sprinkled my way into my teaching in tiny bits here and there.

One day, a student about my age approached me after class.

“Your style is different from other instructors,” she said.

“When you trust your intuition, you look like you’re reading people’s minds. And the performances you’re drawing out of your students are their strongest ones.”

“Unfortunately,” she continued, “when you tried to teach like you think you’re supposed to, it’s really not working for you.”

A deep breath rippled through my body. My Soul knew she spoke truth.

From that day forward, I’ve done my best to honor my way.

My way creates magic for me, my clients, and my students.

My way is the ONLY way … for me.

What happens when you honor your way?

Comment below or send me a message. I’d love to hear!

With passion & love,


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