How to Birth your Masterpiece

by Lauri

It was the messiest birth.

In the very first Core class of our very first quarter of our very first year in grad school, I got pregnant with the idea for my thesis performance:

A silent one-woman show where I battled an over-sized scale and ended up completely naked in front of the audience. (Something my speaking clients do emotionally after working with me.)

9 months later it was time to move into active labor, so I turned to my uber-talented, good friend Ara.

“Will you direct my thesis?”

“First you need to *write* your thesis,” she said. “What if I were your midwife as you birth it?”

From that moment, through a summer of assignments, exercises, writing prompts, and hand-holding through data loss from a melted hard drive, to the very final performance, that’s exactly what she was: my midwife.

She held the space for me to birth the creation only I could create.

That’s a huge part of what I do now with my clients: I’m the midwife holding the space for them to birth their one-of-a-kind transformation talk.

Some of my clients come to me after working with a business coach. Many business coaches veer outside of their zone of genius – structuring businesses – into the speaking lane. They offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all templates for signature talks that are designed to drive business.

The problem with those “Speak to Sell” templates is that most soulful people feel icky when delivering those outdated, bro-speaking, formulas.

You know the ones. They sound like 45-minute commercials.

Sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels would rather serve and invite than “sell, sell, sell.”

Sensitive visionaries like Kim.

When Kim and I first met, she was unhappy with her signature talk because she felt it sounded rehearsed and robotic.

“That just wasn’t working for me. It was too direct. Too salesy. Lauri helped me to come more from my soul and connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level.”

I’d love to be the midwife supporting you as you birth your one-of-a-kind transformation talk. Connecting deeply with your audience is just a 40-minute connection away.

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