Remember that feeling after eating a frozen Popsicle or drinking a Slurpee too fast as a kid?  Ouch!FullSizeRender

Now imagine yourself giving a speech in front of a BIG crowd when suddenly, your mind goes blank … Oh no!

Those two experiences can be painful and brain freezing in very similar ways. Which brings me to my point for this post …

What do you do when you’re speaking in front of a crowd, and your mind goes completely blank?

I’m asked this question all the time, and the answer is almost shockingly simple.

The first step to recovering from brain freeze is to open your mouth, drop your jaw open, and inhale. 

So many of us hold our breath as we try to figure out what on earth to say next.  Unfortunately the act of holding our breath makes it infinitely harder to think straight.

When you inspire air, you are more likely to become creatively inspired. 

Try it the next time you experience brain-freeze in front of a crowd.

All my best,

PS – I’m not exactly sure how to cure the Popsicle induced brain freeze, and I’m betting that inhaling couldn’t hurt in that situation. 🙂