How to Give a Tantalizing Intro

by Lauri

Have you ever gone over the allotted time during a networking intro?

Have you ever felt out of breath?

Have you ever sat back down without having a clue what you said?

I’ve been there, and I’ve helped thousands of clients with the same experience.

Watch this video (originally recorded live) to learn how to get back into your body, let your soulmate clients see you, and make an impact.

With passion & love

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  1. Andrea Petrut

    Your take on it is different than “elevator pitch” we’re so done with… I’m so done with. I’ve watched different takes on it. One was a collaborator of Jay Abraham during a workshop the other Lisa Nichols with her SNAAP – unrelated events that I watched in a couple of years. The guy brought a new perspective business owners didn’t have. Lisa brought a unique way of sharing without pitching.

    Your take on it pinpoints what both of them do, sort of, by tapping into human emotions and interests but they don’t focus on energy/intention specifically.

    Your view is the easiest for me to take. No wonder. I’m an intuitive.

    I’m curious how my way of speaking about what I do is going to shift after all this.

    Thank you 💖😌

    • Lauri

      I can’t wait to see how it shifts!


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