How To Use Your Magic Wand – Step 3

by Lauri

Intuition is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. 
 – Albert Einstein

Once you accept what’s present and start listening to your magic wand, the next step is to create from there. The biggest way to do that is to do what your magic wand says. Follow the guidance of your intuition. Don’t ask why. Don’t try to explain it with your rational mind. Just do it. Feel it and follow it. 

How might that work?

Remember all those times you sat in a room full of people thinking, “If there were any value to what I’m noticing, someone else would’ve already spoken up.” Start speaking up. Share what you see and feel. Remember, they can’t see it because they don’t have your magic wand. 
(They have a different one).

Your intuition is always speaking to you through your feelings. If you’re noticing a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s telling you something is off. It may be saying “no” to a choice you’re considering. When something is right for you, you might feel butterflies. Butterflies are alive! When you feel yourself energetically imploding, that might be a “hell no”. When you feel a lot of expansive energy, that might be a “hell yes.” When you feel heaviness? Another hell no. When you feel lightness or ease, that’s another hell yes. 

Now it’s time to take action on the choices that feel right. The ones that have that VIBRANCE. That voice in your inner ear that says “go for it” when your rational mind is saying, “but where’s the data?” Choose the inner voice and go for it. 

Your intuition needs you to listen to it. Then it will speak to you MORE. You show your intuition that you’re listening by acting on it. Once you act, you’ve made your inner knowing real in the world. 

Here’s a recap of how to use your magic wand:

Step 1 – Accept what IS

Step 2 – Listen

Step 3 – Create from There

It’s time. Experiment. Own Your Wild. Let your freak flag fly. You are a magician. 

With passion & love, 

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