Is Your Voice Within Calling You?

by Lauri

Do you have a voice within calling you to live a more aligned life?

You know the one: It comes from your Soul and speaks through your heart.

What might happen if you listened?

In my early thirties, that voice led me to embark on a quest to find out how to speak authentically and powerfully when it mattered most. I left my executive assistant job to study and teach acting. I thought that meant being in theater full time and doing that forever. But the Universe had something else in store for me…

6 years later, that voice within nudged me to sign up for a coaching class, then a Leadership program. It guided me to start my own business. It whispered, “Ask him out on a date” when I met Steve, my Soulmate and now husband.

Listening to that voice has led me to everything good in my life.

I’m madly in love with a man whose weirdness is totally compatible with mine. My spiritual work feeds my human experience and the other way around. I’m using my empathic superpowers to do work that I love day and night.

We’re all born with that intuitive voice. It’s our own personal inner guidance system. Our very own GPS.

But the world tells us not to listen to that voice, so we resist it.

I don’t know about you, but I get into trouble when I ignore this intuitive voice. Everything becomes a struggle that takes a long time and makes my head hurt.

Intuition is the language of our Soul. It’s always there, loving us. Guiding us to what’s best for us.

Sometimes our intuition feels like a pulse resonating outward from the core of our being. Other times we have a sense of inner knowing.

When we ignore it, it gets quiet. When we listen, it gets louder.

Let’s raise the volume:

Where is your voice within calling you?

Comment here on this post. I’d love to hear all about it!

With passion & love,


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