Let Your Inner Wild One Out to Play

by Lauri

Why do we suppress our inner WILD ones?

Maybe it’s because they made us feel like we’re “too much” and “not enough” at the same time.

Maybe we’re afraid that if we really owned our power, “they” couldn’t handle it.

Or, maybe we’re secretly afraid that WE can’t handle it.

20 years ago, while studying acting in grad school, I played a goddess named Hecate in Macbeth.

Back then, as an actor, a teacher and a person, I had moments when everything flowed effortlessly. I surrendered to the present moment, found my voice and inspired others.

Other times, I felt like I couldn’t find my voice. Sometimes I felt like a porcelain doll – sitting in the corner, unable to think or speak, or move. Sometimes I would speak, but felt like the Real Me was trapped inside of a deranged manikin wanting to SCREAM, “Wait! That’s not how I wanna say it!”

Less than a week before opening night, I FINALLY got the Hecate mask. (In an ideal world, working with a character mask is supposed to be a sacred, PRIVATE, spacious process.)

We didn’t have that kind of time!

So, I had to quickly channel something from deep within me through the mask in order to unleash the character.

That day, with 40 PEOPLE WATCHING, I summoned every ounce of courage I could find and made slow, raw, primal sounds until I found Hecate’s voice. It was vulnerable and intense (for everyone).

It was as if I was discovering the ability to speak.

I found my voice and unleashed my presence by tapping into the primal in me.

By owning my power.

So, if you’re scared to let your inner wild one out to play …

If you’re struggling to set your voice free …

I want to let you in on a little secret:

The things you think of as flaws are actually your greatest gifts.

Your intuition

Your quirks

Your sensitivity

And everything in between.

They are the doorway to finding your voice, unleashing your presence, setting yourself free and having your one-of-a-kind impact in the world.

The world is waiting for you and your magic.

Drop a 🧡 below if your Inner Wild One is ready to come out and play.


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