Mic’d up, Garbled, and silenced

by Lauri

10 years ago, at a very well known public speaking conference, a group of people swarmed my table like a bunch of buzzing bees. They surrounded me on the break, each asking different versions of the same question:

Why can’t we understand her?

One of the speakers, using the very same technology that every speaker before her had used, was nearly impossible to understand.

Have you ever been in a large auditorium listening to a group of speakers and noticed that, in spite of the microphone, you couldn’t hear one of them?

That’s what was going on that day.

As she spoke about the need to change slides every 7 seconds in order to capture a modern audience’s attention, she failed to grab ours.

Why, in spite of a whole sound tech team adjusting the volume and sensitivity on that one speaker’s mic, did she sound garbled, static-y, at times even silent to her audience?

In order to be heard, not to mention dynamic and impactful, a speaker needs to know how to hold the room. They need to know how to connect to and include everyone with their body language, volume, and energy.

In other words, they need to know how to be in oneness in a large room.

We couldn’t hear her, despite the fact that she was mic’d up, because she wasn’t connecting to us. She wasn’t holding us. She wasn’t even really talking to us!

She was hiding behind the very slides she was telling us all about.

The magic of Soulful Speaking transcends the technology that amplifies our physical voices.

When we speak soulfully, hugging the room in our energetic arms, our listeners feel safe enough to go on a journey of transformation with us.

While this is particularly noticeable in shared a physical space, the same practice of oneness in soulful speaking impacts audiences in virtual and in-person spaces alike.

Join me for the Soulful Speaking Open Mic on Tuesday March 5th.

I’ll help you unleash your presence and step into the power of your voice so you can be the change you’re here in this lifetime to bring.

With passion & love, 

PS: I’m offering free scholarships to this event for first-timers. Your no show deposit fee will be refunded once you show up LIVE for the event.


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