“Courage is the heart’s blossom.”
 – Mark Nepo

One thing I’ve learned over the years as a coach is that people rarely know in the moment that they are being courageous.  Courage involves stepping forward while feeling fear.  When my clients are courageous, they hardly ever realize it.  And yet, it is as clear as can be to everyone witnessing them.

Rosa Parks spoke courageously, setting a chain of events in motion that would help change the world with one word: “No.”

While walking the Vocal Presence Path …

I’ve said powerful yes’s and boundary setting no’s …
I’ve rebelled against, disagreed with and challenged powerful leaders …
I’ve acted completely naked on a stage in front of thousands of people …
And the most courageous thing I’ve ever done is to open my heart and say, “I love you.”

What defines courage for you?

What is the most courageous way you could use your voice?

How are you training yourself now to be ready when the moment of truth arrives?

With love & passion,

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