One hill at a time

by Lauri

I have an inner teenager inside of me. 
She’s very impatient. 
Sometimes this gives me an unstoppable drive. 
Other times it drives me absolutely BonKerS!

It can be hard to see how far we’ve come. On anything. Improvement as an actor. Movement on gut wrenching social issues. It’s so tempting to put all of our attention on what isn’t right, what we haven’t done, what’s still wrong, the hill we still have to climb.

I used to do this even when hiking in Tilden Park when I lived in Berkeley. I would hike and hike and hike, reach the top, barely notice my surroundings, and head back down. 

I felt more alive when I would stop and notice the breathtaking views along the way. 

I still had the same hills to climb either way.

With passion & love,


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