Presence comes from your soul

by Lauri

Your PRESENCE doesn’t come from your outfit. It comes from your SOUL.

It comes from being who you ARE and allowing the audience to SEE the REAL YOU.

If leadership presence came from an expensive suit, we’d have much better leaders.

Yes, you can wear an outfit that expresses your personality, your brand, and your style. But your presence doesn’t come from that outfit. It comes from your soul.

It’s the same with your home. You may decorate your home with paint colors, furniture, and artwork that you love. And while your couch may bring you joy, it’s not you.

Yes, you can meet your audience where they’re at

(for example, I don’t wear yoga pants into corporate and I don’t wear snappy blazers into yoga teacher trainings)

but your outfit isn’t YOU. It’s an expression of you.

If you’re living your soul’s purpose, sharing your magic, and longing to awaken, energize and move people through speaking …

Please take this message to heart:

Your presence doesn’t come from your clothing.

Your inner radiance can’t be found in your slides.

Charisma does not come from what you say.

Magnetism is not about what you do.

Your one-of-a-kind PRESENCE gets unleashed by being fully who you ARE.

You do not need to pretend to be someone else or to do it “their way”. You can be YOU – deeply, passionately, presently, RawThentically YOU …

Let the crowd see you and feel you in all of your sensitive, powerful and graceful glory.

If you want some help unleashing your presence so you can do your part to change the world with authenticity, creativity, and courage, book a FREE breakthrough session. It would be my honor to support you.

With passion & love


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