Ragamuffins, whispers & the call

by Lauri

At just 14 years old, I found myself in charge of a bunch of screaming 10 year old girls.

It had all started on the whim of a friend …

We were part of a ponytail softball dynasty of sorts: The Ragamuffins.

My friend convinced me that we’d make great coaches for the next generation: The Rising Ragamuffins. So we applied for the job!

When the day came for us to step up and coach the young girls, I found myself alone – abandoned by the very friend who’d had the bright idea in the first place.

I knew in my SOUL this was one of those moments where I could listen to the whisper from within calling me forth, or step back from the challenge.

I made the choice to lead, and I’m so glad I did.

During each of my three seasons as coach, a different friend coached alongside me for a year before following their next whisper from within.

The community donated uniforms and other supplies. Our parents carried gear.

The Universe sent us the support we needed as we supported the team of girls.

In spite of my initial reluctance and fear, I coached – strategically winning tough games – by leading that team of young girls from an aligned place.

If you think you’re not a leader, but find yourself stepping up when no one else will, consider this:

Now, like no other time in history, we need to hear from the voices we have not been hearing from.

What if the Universe is calling you forth to lead? What might happen if you answered the call?

Drop a 🧡 below if you’re ready to lead.

With passion & love


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