share your magic

by Lauri

It took a global pandemic for me to listen to my inner knowing.

Why do we avoid fully sharing our magic with the world?

Maybe it feels too vulnerable.

Maybe you’re afraid no one will want it.

Maybe you’re afraid they WILL want it, and you won’t know how to handle the success.

For my first 12 years in business, I resisted consistently shooting videos, even though I knew in my gut it was the aligned, right thing for me to do.

It took COVID for me to finally listen to that intuitive whisper from within.

For years, when I thought about shooting videos, I would regress to the shy, sensitive, 5-year-old me who used to peek out at the world from behind my mother’s legs.

I’d shoot a few videos and then go back into hiding, saying, “See, it didn’t work!”

When the pandemic first hit, the world got quieter, and my intuition got louder.

My intuition whispered, “Go live once a day for a month.”

I said, “WHAT?!”

(Often my first response to my intuitive urges.)

And then …

I did it anyway!

I went LIVE every single weekday for an entire month. And then I did it once a week for a year and a half.

Through that process of risking, again and again, I got comfortable in the discomfort of showing up and being seen. That led me to even more ways of sharing my passions – like writing this post, which is much more challenging for me than a video.

Every ALIGNED ACTION that we take is a way for us to HONOR our SOUL’s PURPOSE.

EVERY aligned action: from writing emails, to shooting videos, to teaching programs, to coaching one-on-one.

Sharing our magic is vulnerable. It’s uncomfortable. It’s also incredibly courageous.

If you’ve been hiding in the shadows, protecting your heart, and keeping the fullness of your magic to yourself, it’s time to share your gifts with the world.

You are a unique and beautiful soul. Your voice is needed in the world.

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