Soulful Speaking Raises Consciousness

by Lauri

Most people think that spending hours on a meditation cushion is the only way to raise consciousness, when the truth is, learning to speak soulfully is an equally important and effective spiritual path.

You know that image of the evolution of humans?

That’s what’s going on with our voices.

We’re speaking from an instrument (our body-voices) that’s a couple of generations of Consciousness Evolution back.

Our voices don’t match where we are now, and they certainly don’t match where we’re headed.

The good news is that speaking is a spiritual practice.

Take a moment now and … breathe … that … in …

We can make the process of evolution, of raising consciousness, faster, easier, and more full by treating speaking as the spiritual path that it truly is.

What is a spiritual practice?

To me, it’s a regular rhythm of actions that we take and things we do to help us come home to ourselves.

Our TRUE selves.

Our SOUL selves.

To connect to why we’re here.

If we’re on a soulful speaking spiritual path, we’re practicing meeting the world and speaking to the world from our souls.

That’s one of the ways we live our purpose.

How do we do that?

Practices like speaking soulfully and meditation actually nurture each other.

As we listen for our soul’s voice within us, and then allow that soul’s voice to speak through us to the world around us, we’re raising consciousness through voice.

A speaking spiritual practice also involves developing habits of that soul-driven expression by caring for our instrument, which is US: body, mind, and soul. Caring for our instrument supports the fullness of that soul-driven expression.

Along the way, during our spiritual speaking practices, the Universe brings us fire to help fuel this transformation: this coming home.

That fire burns away everything that is not our true selves.

This alchemy is part of how we evolve from fearful and conforming speaking to Soulful Speaking.

Our voices create sound. And sound is powerful. Sound is transformational.

Every sound that we make, every word that we say, every silence that we choose is a chance for us to honor our soul’s purpose.

How is your spiritual journey going? Comment below, I’d love to hear.


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