Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election in large part because she spoke from her head.

Everyone’s raving about Oprah because she spoke from her heart.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at Oprah’s speech during last Sunday’s Golden Globe awards.)

It’s not (just) what you say, it’s (also) how you say it.

It’s no longer enough to communicate clearly and articulately.

Charisma is not optional.

Leaders need to be able to influence, motivate, inspire, connect with and emotionally move their audiences.

Hillary was considered by many to be the most qualified presidential candidate ever. She spoke clearly and articulately – and she lost the electoral vote.

Oprah spoke clearly and articulately, while moving people emotionally and half the country is practically begging her to run for President! #Oprah2020 is flooding the internet.

Part of what Oprah did in her speech was to call dormant, future leaders forth. She doesn’t seem to want to run – she wants the people who are meant to run to stand up and get moving on creating a better world. However, she’s so darn charismatic, people are thinking she’s the savior when she wants US to be our own saviors.

We are all born with Charisma (a.k.a. stage presence or “Executive Presence.”) Society teaches us to suppress what’s natural in an attempt to fit in. Society beats our charisma down.

Hillary never re-learned how to access her innate presence.

Bruce Lee said, “We do not rise to the occasion, we fall back on our training.”

Hillary fell back on her training. The training that every member of our society has received throughout their lives. Suppress. Fit in. Don’t be emotional. Don’t be too much.

Hillary fell back on her training. Oprah fell back on hers.

What is the big difference between these two intelligent, strong women who have dedicated their lives to serving others?

Oprah trained as an actor. Hillary did not.

Long before winning an Academy Award, actors spend time, energy and focus developing their instrument – themselves. They train their body and their voice, ensuring that their instrument resonates to its full capacity when they get cast in the role of a lifetime.

Running for president is interviewing for the job of a lifetime. Hillary failed to prepare in the way she needed to most. No one successfully helped her train her instrument to fully express what was in her heart and soul.

Whether your biggest dream as a Leader is giving a TED Talk, running for office, or, like Rosa Parks, being able to stand up for what’s right when it matters most, you must approach your leadership with the same commitment and dedication as a serious actor – And the time to start is right now.

In order to enroll others in your cause and to mesmerize and inspire crowds, you need to train your body and your voice. You need to become a vessel for your message – an organism of purpose.

If you are a change-maker, thought leader, teacher or entrepreneur dedicated to doing your part to make the world a better place, please, please … start training for the big moments of your life now.

Since the invention of the television, charisma has mattered. Right now, stage presence beats dedication and service. Charisma trumps experience.

If everyone who IS qualified to run for office, to lead, worked on their charisma, then it would be an even playing field …

Imagine what would be possible then.

With passion & love,

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