The Gift of Silence

by Lauri

Two months ago I led a public speaking class without saying a word.

What happened next was absolutely MAGICAL. ✨

It all began when I got laryngitis.

When my clients have laryngitis, I advise them to go on “vocal rest” – which means not speaking at all aside from their most important public speaking appearances.

Until last Wednesday I had never “walked my talk” so deeply.

I followed my own advice, leading the class by typing in the Zoom chat while the participants did all the talking.

That’s no small feat for anyone – let alone a public speaking coach focused on speaking soulfully!

I’ve always been told that my magic is more rooted in the space that I hold than the information that I’m giving.

Through my silence, I really got to SEE that.

I trusted.

I trusted MORE.

And what emerged was absolutely beautiful:

The participants stepped more fully into their voices.

They stepped more fully into themselves.

They expanded energetically, let their voices ring out in the space, and supported each other through words while I held the space in silence.

They even noticed and commented on this as it was happening.

Afterwards, one participant texted me:

“Ommmggg absolutely epic!”

So here’s my little nudge for you …


Your magic, the gift you bring that no one else can bring in your unique way, lies in who you ARE, not what you do.

Trust your presence.

When you do, miracles will happen.

With passion & love,


PS: In case you’re wondering, I spent 9 days speaking only when rehearsing and performing in a play. (And even for some of the rehearsals, someone else read my lines while I walked around on the stage.)

PPS: We all think the Universe gave me laryngitis so that this miracle could take place.


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