The Humpty dumpty of Groups

by Lauri

My body screamed and my throat closed as they held me down on my front lawn – rubbing grass all over my body and shoving it down my throat. 

I was intensely allergic to nearly everything at that age – especially that freshly cut grass!

My middle school “friends” found my red-hot hives and sneezing to the point of hiccups funny. 

     Meanwhile, I gasped for air. 

Many of us have at least one group memory like this. Some have suffered far worse … 

Groups are complicated. 

I can see that push-pull in people’s eyes when I mention that Speakers Studio events are held in sacred, intimate groups. 

I feel their internal struggle.

One part of them is ready to run. 

Another part, the deeper, soul part, is leaning in … ready to come home. 

Some groups scar us. 

Others heal those scars. 

     Groups that are held with care hold the power to heal. 

We’re all born with a one-of-a-kind, innate presence. A unique, personal, inner radiance. A primal life force that is as unique as our fingerprints. 

And then the world gets to us. 

The outside world tells us things like:
     “don’t be too big,”
     “don’t be too much,” 
     “don’t take up too much space,” 
     “don’t be too emotional.” 

The outside world holds us down and shoves grass down our throats. 

So we protect ourselves. 

We hold our breath and hide our hearts behind energetic armor and emotional masks. 

Those things do protect us. 

But they also hide our innate, unique radiance. They bury it underneath all that protection. 

In order to reconnect to our very own fingerprint, radiance – our primal life force – we need safe, sacred, intimate groups that are held with care. 

The alchemy – the magic of those groups that are held with care – is that we get to be witnessed, and held, and supported. 

We learn to tap back into and speak from our wholeness. Our full radiance. 

We get to go through that process with other people that are going through the same thing right alongside us. 

And from that intimate, safe, sacred experience, our whole selves, our body, our mind, our heart, our inner critic – all parts of us – learn that we can show up that way in the world. 

“It has been a gift and a grace to be in a group with people who are so sincerely loving and who are willing to be messy and figure shit out together. It’s so deeply healing to me.” 
 – Hannah-Clarke Gilmore

Speakers Studio members like Hannah say they feel the energy and support of their group when they speak in the real world, even though they weren’t actually there physically.

That’s the magic Humpty Dumpty effect of sacred groups. ✨

I’d love to hold space for you. Let’s connect & explore possibilities. 

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With passion & love, 



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