The Magic of Being Seen

by Lauri

This has (already) been a magical, event-filled, gratitude-infused week. 

I got engaged on Sunday December 6th!!!  

Then on Tuesday, the Compelling Speaker speaker participants absolutely ROCKED their recital. They were vulnerable. They were courageous. They were powerful. They inspired and moved the audience of guests. 

I’m noticing a theme emerging within these two big events: Being Seen. 

I myself have been on a growth journey with being seen for my entire life. More and more I am able to show up as my true self and be seen. 

Standing in front of my fiancé and letting him see me, letting him in, was and is SO worth it. I wish I had more words to describe it to do it justice. It is tender. It is soft. It is precious and wacky and wild and freeing. 

The Compelling Speaker participants experienced a similar empowering liberation. 

Here’s the thing: Each arena in which we allow ourselves to be seen helps us to be more comfortable being seen in other arenas. Speaking vulnerably from a stage or on a Facebook Live helps us allow our loved ones to really see us. The same is true the other way around. 

Sometimes we hide by not giving the speech. Not going to the networking meeting. Not dating at all. 

Other times we hide by putting on a “happy face” (aka a mask), placing an energetic shield in front of our hearts and barreling forward while pretending to be “fine” or “all pulled together.”

Being seen is a choice. 

We each choose how and when to take off our masks, release the emotional armor around our hearts and let other people in. 

If you are masking up and armoring, what’s comfortable about that? 

What is it costing you? 

What’s one area of your life where you feel ready – where its time – to let down your guard … just a little bit? 

Will you try it and let me know how that goes? I’d love for you to taste the magic of being seen.

With passion & love, 

PS – I also shared a LIVE video. Watch it if you’re hungry for even more on this topic.  


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