The Nervous Nellies

by Lauri

The Nervous Nellies had me by the throat … 

For years, people told me: 

“You should go LIVE.” 
“You should shoot short videos.” 
“You should be on video everywhere.”

The Universe was speaking to me through them. Showing me my path. 

I dabbled, but didn’t really listen. 

The Nervous Nellies were always there saying

“You don’t have enough time.”
“You don’t have enough energy.”

And then the pandemic hit. 

I felt a strong call to do more of what I’m here on this earth to do. 

Still, those Nervous Nellies persisted. 

“You don’t have enough time.”
“You don’t have enough energy.”

In the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people talked a lot about being bored out of their minds from watching Netflix all day.

I thought, “That’s not the experience that all of us are having.” 

I knew about Zoom long before it was popular. 

In the beginning of the shutdown era, my client work continued, only now my husband and I shared the home office space that had once been my sanctuary alone. 

We were just as busy – if not more so. 

Eventually, everything dried up. And suddenly I had all kinds of time … 

A voice inside me whispered, “You should go live every day in October.”

Despite it being a very strong, intuitive urge to fulfill my soul’s calling in a new way, those Nervous Nellies dug their heels in and repeated

“You don’t have the time.”
“You don’t have the energy.”
“What would you say every single day?”

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Instead of listening to them and not shooting videos as I had for years, I asked myself, “What’s the kernel of truth in what they’re saying?”

My answer?

“I didn’t start a business of my own to do anything 7 days a week at exactly the same time.” 

We finally got to the heart of their concerns: 

“We want balance, freedom and a spacious life.”

So this time, instead of letting their words stop me in my tracks, we created a way to take the aligned action that honored their concerns while allowing me to fulfill my purpose.  

In improv, this is known as a “yes, and … “ 

Our “yes, and” included boundaries. 

I went LIVE every single weekday for an entire month. And then I did it once a week for a year and a half!

Imagine what a “yes, and” like this could make possible for you … 

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With passion & love,


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