Three Sensitive Souls

by Lauri

I’d like to introduce you to three sensitive souls. Meet … 

Big. Bold. “Type A”.

Powerful energy. Can’t hold it back. Seen as strong and enduring. Underneath an empath and sensitive soul.

But few know it.

the TESSA 
Quiet, intuitive empath.

Sees and feels everything. Her soul is calling her to sing her life’s greatest song. Part of her is uncomfortable being seen.

Another part is ready.

Creative, eccentric visionary.

Has a ton of energy that can easily get scattered. A modern Sorceress, she exudes, channels and harnesses magic.

Her message isn’t landing.

All three are Empaths. They’re also all on a soul’s mission. They feel a hunger from within for change … something MORE. 

Each one struggles with her empathic nature in her own way. For example, most of the speaking challenges that they face have to do with fighting (rather than embracing) their own empathy. 

Why do they fight it? Like you, they may have spent most of their lives believing they were flawed.

Imagine stepping up on a stage and immediately feeling everything that every member of the audience is feeling. Physical sensations, emotions, and energies. On Zoom, same thing: you show up for a meeting and feel everything coming from everyone else – with or without them feeling it. 

And, like most people, Empaths also deal with their own emotions, energy, and physical sensations right along with those of everyone in the room … 

That’s a lot of stuff to process! 

One of the things we empaths tend to do wrong is that we assume everything we’re feeling is our own. And our soul suckers tell us that, if we’re feeling that much stuff then we shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that caused so much feeling in the first place. We must be flawed. And we’d better stop. Right now. Or, if we’re going to speak, we’d better try to suppress all of that feeling and just barrel through. 

In reality, EMPATHY is our SUPERPOWER. We need to learn how to use our superpower. Which means we need to learn how to befriend all of that sensation. And we need to B…R…E…A…T…H…E ….. When we do, we become like an air conditioner converting all that sensation into magnetism that inspires people to join us on our mission. As the empathic air conditioner, we can convert all of that “stuff” coming from other people into the fire that fuels transformation. Cool huh? 

Next time you hop on a Zoom meeting, try setting an intention for the energy that you would like to bring to the space. That could be something like love, courage, or connection. Then breathe deep as you imagine inviting everyone to join you in embodying that intention. Notice how that changes things. Let me know how it goes!

With passion & love, 

PS: I’m passionate about helping visionaries and sensitive souls do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity and courage. We’re in the midst of a lot of change in the world right now. There’s a LOT going on. And that means there’s a HUGE opportunity for TRANSFORMATION. 

I’m feeling an urge to connect with you so we can geek out on our superpowers. If you like the sound of that, join the Authentic Speaking for Visionary Souls Facebook Group.

See you there!


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