by Lauri
Tuesday at midnight we’ll reach the end of three weeks of an unprecedented “shelter in place” order here in the SF Bay Area. This is scheduled to continue until May 3rd (and it could go on even longer). One by one, regions all over the United States and the world are instituting similar orders. 

I work from home via Zoom video conferencing or phone all the time. In many ways, nothing has changed for me. In other ways, everything has changed.

I have friends who have lost their jobs. Several people in my inner circle have the coronavirus. 

One minute I’m crying without knowing why.
(I am an empath, so friends tell me I’m crying the un-cried cries of the world.) 

The next minute I’m overcome with an urge to move. To go outside. 
(I’m an introvert, so that urge doesn’t make sense to my mind.)

I sometimes want to eat chocolate and watch Netflix all day. At other times I want to do something, but I’m not sure how to harness the energy. 

Can you relate?

One thing I have noticed is that when I hear a client’s voice or see their face on Zoom, I feel instantly present. I feel clarity and purpose flowing through me.


It’s powerful.

I feel called to offer a space for us to connect as a tribe.

I’ll schedule one gathering each week and let you know when that will be ahead of time. I may also offer “pop up” gatherings in the Stand in Your Power Facebook group when I feel the urge, so keep an eye out for those as well.

We may laugh together. We may cry together. We may all show up in our pajamas! 

We might catch up for 10 minutes or end up talking for an hour.

I’ll take a moment at the beginning to help us all ground and get present. I will answer any questions you have and offer any guidance I can.

I will absolutely hold space for whatever wants or needs to happen that day. 

If connecting in a safe space to get through this together speaks to you, register here.

Join when you can. See you soon!

With passion and love, 


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