Trust the Silence

by Lauri

“Never assume the song is gone because it’s found its source in silence.”
Mark Nepo

Our world is full of constant stimulation.

We spend hours every day on our iPhones (sometimes even when there’s a real, live person right there in front of us).

When it comes to speaking, our inner critics tell us we have to talk fast to outrun people’s boredom.

(Outer critics sometimes tell us that too.)

What if, in order to stand out from the noise, we need to go in the opposite direction?

What if we need more space, more stillness, more silence … ?

(Didn’t the pandemic teach us that?)

What if your unique, one-of-a-kind presence shines through in the stillness?

In music, the space is just as important as the notes.

In visual art, the white space reveals the image.

In speaking, the words and the silences dance together to create meaning.

Trust the silence.

With passion & love,


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