Warm-Up Ritual Magic

by Lauri

They’re hanging on your every word.

You’re vibrant and alive from head-to-toe.

There’s ease. There’s connection. There’s magic.

That’s what it can feel like after doing your very own, sacred, warm-up ritual.

But first, you need to create yours …

Mine all started 20 years ago with a laughing-crying fit in a room full of people.

We were doing Fitzmaurice Voicework® to release habitual tensions and emotional armor in the body.

To the untrained eye, it can look like a bunch of people are doing some crazy, new, shaking kind of yoga.

Back then, I carried intense jaw tension, emotional masks, and energetic armor – like so many of us do.

This was my first time doing the entire sequence.

What happened next blew my mind …

I started giggling!

At first, my inner “teacher’s pet” took over and I tried to suppress my laughter.

Our teacher, Saul Kotzubei, whispered jokes in my ear as he taught, making me laugh MORE.

“What on earth is he doing,” I thought, struggling to keep the laughs down.

Eventually, he whispered, “What’s happening for you right now is FAR more important than what I’m saying. Keep your throat open, breathe, and allow. Allow, allow, allow. When a wave passes, bring yourself back to the sound of my voice.”

So, I did just that.

Wave after wave after wave of laughing. Then crying. Then Saul’s voice. Then another wave. Wailing laugh-cries at the same time.

When I stood up to perform after the warm-up, I could not believe how AMAZING I felt.

I felt a sense of ease, connection, peace, flow, and radiant energy all at the same time.

I knew what to say, and how to say it, like I never had before.

Clarity. Presence. Surrender. Trust.

I could feel the vibe in the room. I was at one with the audience. I was vibrant, alive, and completely and utterly absorbed in the moment.

It was easy. Things were flowing. Time stood still.

And it was FUN.

Breathing unleashes magic.

Before that day I warmed up – most actors do – but I hadn’t yet created my sacred warm-up ritual.

That day I realized; it was time to replace my generic, warm up with a sacred, personalized experience that would help put me in that flow state.

That’s what the best actors, athletes, and musicians do.

If you’d like to start creating your very own warm-up ritual, join me February 13th for the Speaking Rituals Playshop.

With passion & love



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