Are your flaws actually gifts?

by Lauri

What if the things you think are your flaws are actually your greatest gifts?

Your intuition

Your quirks

Your empathy

and everything in between!

20 years ago, I started crying during the first reading of a scene in Richard Seyd’s acting class.

He immediately whipped off his reading glasses and leaned in to get a closer look. I’d surprised him.

While the rest of the class might’ve been impressed with my tears, he was far more interested in an underlying habit that was holding me back.

He was the first to point out that I was suppressing my superpower.

“Sensitivity is your gift,” he said. “But you’re leading with your mind.”

It’s so clear now, looking back. The WORLD told me to VALUE my INTELLECT. So, I put on my SMART MASK and HID MY HEART.

Straight A student. Teacher’s Pet. First to go to college.

I’d been like a magician hiding out in a mortal world. ✨

I’d gotten straight A’s because of my sensitivity AND my intellect. Without realizing it, I’d used my sensitivity superpowers to read the instructors and intuit what was going to be on all those tests!

Richard helped me to trust my sensitivity. To treasure it, to care for it, and to honor it – first as an actor, then a person, then a Leader.

I now lead with my empathic superpowers throughout my life.

I love embodying unique and complex characters that hold a mirror up to humanity in theatre by night. I love helping people find their voice, stand in their power and speak their truth by day. I’m living my Carpe Diem life with my fiancé and soulmate.

Carolyn Myss said, “The mind has no power at all without the heart.” She’s right.

When the MIND SUPPORTS the HEART, we’re more RADIANT, more ALIVE, more FULFILLED, and we have so much more IMPACT.

How do you feel when your mind supports your heart instead of the other way around?

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