What she said gave me chills

by Lauri

“Lauri, I want to go and speak and share my truth, but I’m not sure my message will be good enough.”

“What’s getting in the way?”

“I grew up in the age of toastmasters and Dale Carnegie and things like that. I’m not sure how to be me in a speaking world that has certain rules and parameters.”

Jeni and I met at a networking event, and instantly clicked.

“I wasn’t actively looking for anybody to help me with this. I really wasn’t. After meeting you, I’m realizing that there is another way. There’s a soulful speaking way. There’s this way to be able to show up in authentic alignment and still share a powerful message in a powerful way without compromising who I am.”

What Jeni told me after we’d worked together for just 7 weeks gave me chills:

“I understand what it’s like to speak from my soul.”

And what she said next brought tears to my eyes:

“In just a little bit of time that we’ve worked together, it has already completely changed my life. Completely.”

This is the power of speaking soulfully.

“And I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

“Jeni, I’m the lucky one.”

I love helping people find their voice, stand in their power, and speak their truth.

It feeds my soul to share the answers that I’ve found on my journey.

I get to help my clients face and overcome the same challenges I had when I was torn between the porcelain doll and the deranged manikin.

I’m honored to witness so many unique and beautiful souls as they break free and get heard.

Are you ready to let your soul do the talking?

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With oodles and buckets of passion & love,

PS – Watch this video series to see Jeni and other clients in action and hear straight from them about their transformations. 


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