What she said made me cry ..

by Lauri

“Lauri, I’m feeling called to share my story, but something feels off and I hate the sound of my voice.”

As Rose hurtled toward the 10th anniversary of a life changing event, she tried to write her story, but something was out of alignment.

“When I watch your videos, the words ‘every voice is needed’ ring as undeniably true. So, I took a leap and booked a breakthrough session.”

During that session, Rose shared a memory of when she felt physically and viscerally voiceless at just 3 years old.

“I can feel my throat constricting even now as I share it, my breath shallowing with every word.”

We did some breathing and grounding exercises together, and then Rose talked her way through that memory.

So often we try to find a short cut, yet the way out is almost always through.

What Rose told me about that first session touched my soul:

“Something clicked, feeling the open-hearted empathy emanating from you, Lauri, as you held space and held a mirror for my truest self.

I’m shocked at how I healed and grew and learned seemingly instantaneously.”

And what she said next made me cry tears of joy:

“I remembered and connected to the bright spark that never burns out, deep within.

My whole self, aligned.”

Doesn’t that sound luscious?

As a member of the Speakers Studio, Rose is grounding and expanding this experience so that she can speak from her whole, aligned self anywhere, anytime.

“This wasn’t just about telling my story aloud for a wider audience, but about living as my most authentic, aligned self, and just as I expected, the Speakers Studio has become an integral part of my short-term progress towards my speaking goals, and even more magically, a beacon of clarity as I follow my life’s purpose to leave every soul in my own path feeling seen, heard, and known.”

I’m honored to witness unique and beautiful souls like Rose as they learn to Speak Soulfully.

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Rose’s life changing event.

She’ll be telling her story live during the Spring Speakers Studio Showcase on April 24th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Comment below if you’d like to join and witness Rose and the other courageous souls as they unleash their unique presence, connect deeply, and share their powerful stories.

With passion & love,


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