What We Need Right Now …

by Lauri

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the notion of a talking stick. 

A talking stick is an ancient and powerful communication tool used in many Indigenous cultures. Its purpose is to keep communication fair and constructive. As the stick is passed from person to person, only the person holding the stick speaks. All others must listen with respect, support and compassion. Everyone has an opportunity to speak. Interrupting is not allowed. This encourages everyone else to listen deeply and carefully. It builds trust and safety in community. Respect for the feelings, ideas, and experiences of others is built into the process.  

We need a global talking stick. 

Right now, #BlackLivesMatter has the talking stick. 

In 2018, the #MeToo movement had the talking stick. 

That doesn’t mean that black lives didn’t matter in 2018, or that the pain of those who have been abused doesn’t matter now. 

If we had a global talking stick, then every race, every culture, every person could speak their truth and be heard. Everyone could share from the heart – their experience, their perspectives, their stories – and be listened to with respect and compassion. 

Everyone could be seen and heard and felt … and understood. 

What a wonderful would that would be….

With passion & love, 


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