Do you envy people who seem to be living their life on purpose?

So many people I know are frustrated because they feel like they should already know their Life Purpose. In fact, they feel like they should already have their Life Purpose, their Hero’s Journey and every single quest along the way all “worked out”.

They’re experiencing Purpose Shame.

We coaches love to use fun tools. We ask clients to craft missions, manifestos and catchy life purpose statements.  Here’s the thing: these tools are all supposed to help you. Not shame you.

In reality, the Life Purpose (also known as the Soul’s Purpose) exists both before and beyond words. It’s home. It’s a pulse in our core – the center of our being – that can guide us. It’s a feeling of flow, like the current at the center of a river.

These words, these labels, are not the purpose itself. Any sentences we create are merely intended to be an empowering tool to help reconnect us to that pulse within.

For some of us, our Life Purpose is crystal clear; for others, it feels unclear at this stage. Often, when it is unclear, our purpose or Dharma can show up as a hunger for something more that we can’t yet name or define. Even though we may not know where it’s leading, this hunger for something more is an example of our inner wisdom speaking to us from within. We must notice that hunger. It’s essential that we keep it alive. It’s really annoying to be hungry. It can be hard to stay with the hunger. It’s worth it.

By staying with the hunger, we become more able to hear the voice of our soul speaking to us from within as it gives us more “go-here-next” steps. Listening to, staying with and cultivating the hunger for something more are vital steps in amplifying our soul’s voice. As our inner voice of wisdom speaks to us more often from within, it also begins to speak through us to the world.

When it comes to our voices, we’re often tempted to wait to speak until after we’ve gotten things sorted out. In reality, speaking from the hunger (often before we feel ready) is an essential part of the process of achieving clarity. Every act of speaking is an opportunity to both discover and express our Life Purpose.

Here’s the secret: nobody has it all figured out. I know people who think I’ve got it all figure out. I don’t. I’m in process – just like you. We’re all discovering and expressing our life purpose with every action, every word, every breath we take.

By following the hunger you will learn more about your purpose and your unique gifts and how to share them with the world.  Hunger is powerful. Leaders begin with hunger, and then take steps to satisfy it. Movements start with a hunger for change.

What are you hungry for?

With passion & love,

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