You Are beautiful

by Lauri

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”
– Brené Brown

For years I led with my head while trying to hide my heart.

If you know me now, you probably think that seems impossible. In a way, you’re right.

My beloved acting class pointed out that my poker face wasn’t nearly as good as I’d imagined.

While I thought that my emotional mask was disguising my truth, everyone could see my tenderness underneath.

I thought that my “I’ve got it all pulled together” facade made people like me.

I thought my vulnerability would push people away.

I was dead wrong.

Our teacher, Richard Seyd, taught me that, if I risked …

If I let people see the vulnerable, tender, one-of-a-kind ME underneath …

I would find my people, and they would love me for who I really am.

What a gift.

The same is true for you.

Will you give yourself the gift of letting people see and love the real you?

With passion & love, 


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