“You’re different”

by Lauri

It all started with 2 words: “You’re different.”

16 years ago I was teaching voice and acting at Foothill Community College. I thought I’d be in theatre full-time and do that forever.

But the Universe had something else in store for me …

One day after class, a female student about my age approached me and said those 2 little words:

       “You’re different.”

       “The other instructors have that old-school ‘professor at the podium’ style. I think you’re a coach.”

       “When you trust your intuition, you look like you’re reading people’s minds. And the performances that you’re drawing out of the other students are incredible – the best they’re giving.”

       “But you don’t trust yourself. When you try to do it ‘their way,’ – the way you think you’re ‘supposed to’ – it’s really not working for you!”

Her face looked like it was in a fun-mirror as time slowed down behind her.

It was one of those moments. You know the kind: Where the Universe tickles you and whispers, “Pay attention!”

       “I think you’re a coach,” she continued. “And if you take a coaching class, you’ll understand and embrace your intuitive style.”

I didn’t even know what coaching was outside of sports, yet my Soul heard her. I signed up for my first coaching class the very next day and the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s been 16 years.

16 years of courage.
16 years of resilience.
16 years of tearing my hair out one minute and jumping for joy the next.
16 years of heartbreak.
16 years of unbridled happiness.
16 years of practicing trust in the face of doubt.
16 years of breakthroughs.
16 years of drowning my sorrows in chocolate and Netflix.
16 years of getting back up and trying again.
16 years of unique and beautiful one-of-a-kind clients.
16 years of holding safe and sacred space.
16 years of heart.
16 years of soul.
16 years of magic. ✨✨✨

The path of a soul-preneur is one filled with radical courage.

One day we’re celebrating a wave of new soul-mate clients. The next, nothing but crickets and a steady stream of “no, no, no.”

Either way, we get up every day and begin again. We get back up because we’re CALLED. We choose to make our calling more important than our fear.

I’m honored to witness so many unique and beautiful souls as they break free, find their voice, and speak soulfully.

I’m deeply grateful for my courageous, inspirational clients, friends, family & tribe members. I’m so lucky I get to walk this path of authenticity, rawness, and love with all of you!

Together, through speaking soulfullly, we’re helping to raise human consciousness and create transformational change in the world.

Let’s do this!

With passion & love,

PS – If today’s one of your “tearing your hair out” days, remember, jumping for joy again is right around the corner. ♥️


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